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      From the moment you start drafting to your final blueprint, our team of experts is here to help you with all your lighting needs. We are committed to helping you deliver project success. That is why you can count on us to provide products that are crafted of the highest quality and are ready when you need them. Because bringing your project to life is what is most important to us.

      Support The Whole Way Through

      We offer a variety of educational resources and CEU courses to expand your knowledge and skillset around designing with light. With cataloged collections, online inspiration and specifications, the ability to find the best options for your project is at your fingertips. 

      Once selected, our in-house Advanced Product Solutions (APS) team is ready to provide the lighting layout design and technical support you need to get the job done. We ensure product delivery with the help and guidance of our customer service team.

      Why Kichler


      Certified Courses   Hosted By Hanleywood

      Den featuring Mathias 52110OZ Ellerbeck 43115NBR and Channels 1TEC1SKSF8SIL

      Designing with Light

      Adding Function and Beauty with Extruded Aluminum Channels for Tape: this course will introduce you to best practices for lighting design and technology for lighting.

      Program Level: Intermediate


      Best Practices For RLM

      Lighting Design Using Customizable RLM Lighting: this course will help learners understand the various features and benefits of modern RLM lighting fixtures and their configurations, explore how RLM lighting fixtures can be used, and best practices for specifying light output. 

      Program Level: Intermediate

      Build Your Own Fixture

      It's never-ending inspiration and real-life possibility. Design your own in 3 easy steps.

      Start Building
      RLM Lights

      Kichler, Delivering Project Success

      Design & Inspirational Articles

      Kitchen with Cuyahoga Mill 44229AVI

      Style Ideas

      No matter your ideal look, we have a variety of styles to make your space Pinterest-worthy.

      Dining room featuring Dancar 44023PN and Zeo 44023PN

      Space Ideas

      See how size, activities and the effect you are trying to achieve play a part in lighting a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or living room

      Effect Ideas

      For every space, for every mood, there’s a lighting scheme that helps set the tone.

      Architect Resources


      Kichler® Customizable RLM has endless combinations you won’t get tired of discovering.

      Bedroom featuring tape lighting with channels

      LED Tape & Channels

      Tape lighting is like a designer’s secret weapon, an artist’s palette of light that can be used to bring out the beauty in a variety of spaces.

      Viewing Kichler Catalog on an iPad

      Resources & Tools

      Get custom support, read up on regulations and get the assets and tools you need to get the job done right.

      Sample Where to Buy Map

      Find a Dealer

      Kichler® products are available only through a network of the finest showrooms, retailers and dealers in the world. Connect with a Kichler Lighting specialist in your area for more information on available products, pricing and delivery. 

      Indoor lighting catalog cover


      Whether you're interested in a certain category or a stylized collection, it's easy and quick to browse products through our interactive catalogs.

      Viewing Kichler Catalog on an iPad

      Professional Support

      Installation issue? Building code question? Regulatory stumper? If you have a challenging question, we have got you covered. Our in-field staff offers local, personalized attention along with our customer care staff providing dedicated service just for architects.